Pgeon Rates: A Comprehensive Insight into Efficient Parcel Delivery in Malaysia

When it comes to sending a parcel across different locations within Malaysia, understanding the myriad of options and rates available is crucial. Pgeon Delivery stands out by offering a detailed and straightforward rate list, ensuring that sending parcels is as seamless as possible.

Pgeon Delivery provides a plethora of courier services, catering to diverse needs, such as overnight and overland delivery options. The cost of these services is contingent upon the service type and the parcel’s weight. This range of options ensures that users can select the one most suited to their requirements.

Navigating through Pgeon’s Rates and Services:

Online Tracking Services:

Pgeon recognizes the significance of keeping tabs on your parcel during transit. Pgeon’s adept tracking service allows users to effortlessly monitor their package’s status and ascertain the estimated time of delivery. This feature augments user convenience and peace of mind, bolstering Pgeon’s reputation as a premier courier service provider in Malaysia.

Variety in Service Offerings:

Pgeon extends various courier services to align with diverse user needs, encompassing swift and overland delivery options, ensuring a user-friendly experience, allowing users to access rate lists and tracking services with ease on Pgeon’s website.

Rate Structure:

Here’s a closer look at Pgeon’s rate structure, designed to accommodate parcels with a maximum weight of 30KG and dimensions where Length + Width + Height do not surpass 150cm.

Weight (kg) Peninsular Sarawak Sabah
1 RM6.29 RM13.90 RM13.90
2 RM6.29 RM24.90 RM24.90
3 RM6.29 RM24.90 RM24.90
4 RM6.29 RM30.90 RM30.90
5 RM6.29 RM30.90 RM30.90
6 RM16.10 RM70.10 RM70.10
7 RM14.00 RM70.10 RM70.10
8 RM16.10 RM70.10 RM70.10
9 RM18.30 RM70.10 RM70.10
10 RM20.40 RM70.10 RM70.10
11 RM22.60 RM95.10 RM95.10
12 RM24.80 RM95.10 RM95.10
13 RM26.80 RM95.10 RM95.10
14 RM29.00 RM95.10 RM95.10
15 RM31.10 RM95.10 RM95.10
16 RM33.30 RM120.00 RM120.00
17 RM35.50 RM120.00 RM120.00
18 RM37.60 RM120.00 RM120.00
19 RM39.70 RM120.00 RM120.00
20 RM41.90 RM120.00 RM120.00
21 RM44.00 RM145.00 RM145.00
22 RM46.20 RM145.00 RM145.00
23 RM48.30 RM145.00 RM145.00
24 RM50.50 RM145.00 RM145.00
25 RM52.70 RM145.00 RM145.00
26 RM54.70 RM170.00 RM170.00
27 RM56.90 RM170.00 RM170.00
28 RM69.00 RM170.00 RM170.00
29 RM61.20 RM170.00 RM170.00
30 RM63.40 RM170.00 RM170.00

Main Pick-up Points:

Pgeon operates primarily from numerous pick-up points, including Penang, Selangor, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, and Perlis, offering a minimum pick-up quantity of one piece.

Enhanced Accessibility:

To enhance the user experience and facilitate seamless access to the rate list and tracking service, Pgeon has meticulously developed its online platform. The detailed and user-friendly interface on Pgeon’s website ensures that users can easily navigate through the available services and choose the most convenient option.

Robust Customer Support:

Pgeon is synonymous with exceptional customer service, addressing queries and providing solutions promptly. For users who require assistance or have inquiries regarding parcel tracking or other related services, Pgeon’s customer support team is readily available to help, underscoring its commitment to user satisfaction.


Pgeon Delivery emerges as a beacon of reliability and efficiency in the courier service landscape of Malaysia. The varied service offerings, coupled with a transparent and user-friendly rate structure, affirm Pgeon’s commitment to simplifying parcel delivery. The inclusion of sophisticated online tracking services elevates user convenience, allowing them to stay informed about their parcel’s status throughout the transit process.

This detailed insight into Pgeon’s rates and services is aimed at ensuring users are well-informed and can make optimal decisions regarding their courier needs in Malaysia. Whether you prefer overnight or overland delivery options, Pgeon Delivery stands as the quintessential choice for all your parcel delivery needs in Malaysia.